19 Noviembre 2020 News



We are proud to announce that our multi-purpose ecological system EXP received another prestigious Award as "Star Product Award" won by our UK distributor KLIMA-THERM at the 11th annual HVR Awards which took place virtually on Thursday 15 October 2020.

This special category is awarded for “demonstrating the most ground-breaking impact for the future of heating, ventilation and air conditioning”.
This latest accolade follows a crop of award wins for Klima-Therm over the last five years, including the Heat Pump Product of the Year at the ACR News Awards 2020 earlier this year, also awarded for the Rhoss EXP/HT.

What makes this revolutionary heat pump stand out is its use of cutting-edge technology which:

- Pushes the boundaries of innovation in heating, cooling and heat recovery.
- Offers a definitive change to existing techniques / equipment.
- Contributes to environmentally friendlier cooling / heating through reduced carbon emissions, best-available energy efficiency and improved performance.
- EXP Systems is the multi-purpose ecological system designed by RHOSS to satisfy cold and hot water demands simultaneously or independently with a single unit. It is designed for use in 2, 4 and 6-pipe systems, any time of the year.

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