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23 Dezember 2021 News


Rhoss wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! 2022 will bring us lots of news, new projects and a new look... in short, New Year, New Air, because … our future is in the air! Stay tuned! #NewAirForTheFuture

19 November 2021 Events

52^ International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition

Rhoss takes part in the 52nd International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition with a presentation on "Polyvalent Units Fitted with Low GWP Refrigerant for Sustainable Cooling & Heating in Modern Buildings". Save the date: Dec. 2. Register here:...

14 Oktober 2021 News


The training courses of #RhossAcademy, the updated section dedicated to training, have started again! A training programme for training centers oriented to the spread of its know-how, of the culture of air conditioning and of the technical/...