Rhoss: certified quality.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

RHOSS Spa provides quality goods designed for environmental comfort, making them available and accessible thanks to the advanced technological and organisational level achieved, and, above all, to the committed, reliable and dedicated approach that RHOSS personnel take to their job every day. The organisation and operations of the business are based on a Quality Management System. The Quality System currently implemented with the new ISO 9001-2015 version is based on rules and practices that are established and agreed on with the entire organisation. This system consists of well-defined processes applied in a systematic, planned and documented manner, with the following purposes:

  1. Operate on the market, improving management results;
  2. Monitor and optimise processes, correcting non-conformities due to waste and defects in order to continuously improve performance;
  3. Guarantee a suitable ethical conduct to all personnel and clients;
  4. Obtain full satisfaction from the client and all the stakeholders.

pdfISO 9001     pdfQuality Policy

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

RHOSS Spa supplies quality goods designed for environmental comfort. With the same commitment, it pays attention to environmental issues, considering correct management and efficient control of its environmental aspects of prime importance, engaging in Environmental Protection and in full compliance with the standards in force and with specific requirements. For this reason, Management has decided to implement an environmental certification system, based on the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001, applying it to all the activities carried out within the company and especially to its production activities. The commitment of Management and company staff is focused on:

  1. careful management of all the products used in the production activities, from when they enter the plant until they are disposed of, including any unused residues, aimed at minimising any risk for the environment and for workers;
  2. a correct management of the waste produced, from its generation, verifying correct transport, waste disposal or final recovery;
  3. emissions into the environment, carefully assessing the type of filtering systems, before emission into the atmosphere;
  4. purification of wastewater coming from the production cycles, by means of the treatment of a purification system, before draining into a water body;
  5. procurement of electric energy from renewable sources.

pdfISO 14001     pdfEnvironmental Policy


Rhoss participates in the Eurovent certification programmes for chillers, heat pumps and fan coils, according to the regulations: EN 14511 - EN 9614 - EN 1397.


Rhoss participates in the Eurovent certification programme for the Air handling units with the ADV range according to EN 13053 and EN1886.

Hygiene Characteristics certification for AIR HANDLING UNITS (AHU- ADV Custom Hygienic)

Rhoss participates in the TÜV NORD certification programme for the Air handling units with the ADV Custom Hygienic range according to DIN 1946-4:2018 and VDI 6022-1:2018.
The VDI 6022 Guideline contains the minimum hygiene requirements for HVAC systems, ventilation and air handling units for design, manufacture, operation, management and maintenance aspects.

It therefore also defines the hygiene requirements of Air handling units regarding: usable materials, components, manufacturing, mechanical features, accessibility and serviceability, in accordance with the highest technical standards.

LEED certification - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

Rhoss participates in the certification protocol of LEED buildings. The international system is based on the entire building life cycle from design and construction to management and maintenance.