Dernières nouvelles du monde Rhoss

05 décembre 2018 News


Keep cool in the office. Walking by downtown in Frankfurt, at Frankfurter Büro-Center, you can find a 800 kW super quiet multi-scroll Rhoss unit. Check it out.

28 novembre 2018 News

Domar SpA

Domar SpA, a company specialized in the production of items for the automotive sector, in the specific truck and trailer. It chose a NextAir Air Handling Unit, a WinPack HE-A heat pump and DIVA-I Cassette fan coils. Here the reference detai...

21 novembre 2018 News

Auchan - France

Auchan is one of the world's principal distribution groups. At one of its supermarket, Rhoss has installed a FullPOWER SE TCAVBZ 2865. Here the reference details:


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