31 Agosto 2015 News

We're back!

Ready to start over and full of news. Stay tuned!

10 Agosto 2015 News


UTNA Platinum are modular ductable air handling terminal units. Plus product ErP 2018 NRVU Ready BRUSHLESS EC fan F7 high efficiency filters Discover...

03 Agosto 2015 News


Low consumption WinPower HE-A are air cooled water chillers and heat pumps with axial fans. Range with hermetic scroll compressors and R410A refrigera...

27 Julio 2015 News

EXP al servizio della riabilitazione

Vi siete mai chiesti quanto può essere energivoro il Centro Attività Motorie di Rovigo per garantire ai propri clienti il comfort interno? Se poi cons...

20 Julio 2015 News

Umm Suqeim Mall, Dubai

Great installation at "Umm Suqeim Mall" shopping center, near the luxury Burj Al Arab, Dubai's famous seven-star hotel. - 161 FCU ductables - 20 FCU B...

09 Julio 2015 News

What is LEED?

What is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification? What is the role of RHOSS in LEED? We have prepared for you a nice video....

06 Julio 2015 News

Low consumption Y-Pack SE and Y-Pack HE HT65 Version

We end our focus on products HT65 version for high temperature water production (up to 65°C). Today we know better Y-Pack. The following data sheet IT...

29 Junio 2015 News


Today we continue our focus on products HT65 version for high temperature water production (up to 65°C). Today we know better COMPACT-Y MD. The follow...

22 Junio 2015 News

Y-FLOW HT65 Version

We begin our focus on products HT65 version for high temperature water production (up to 65°C). Today we know better Y-Flow. The following data sheet...

15 Junio 2015 News

Poker @ aparthotel La Source

Installation example of POKER for the hospitality industry, the aparthotel La Source . Installation of our Belgian distributor Climapac . Click here f...

08 Junio 2015 News

EXP - Economy and ecology go hand in hand

Installation of our distributor Climapac in Belgium to the Vento company (www.vento.be). The machines used are part of the EXP systems family: versati...

04 Junio 2015 News


Rhoss @ FRIGAIR ( http://www.frigairexpo.co.za/ ) in South Africa June 3 to 5. We are present with our distributor Voltas Technologies in Johannesburg...

01 Junio 2015 News

Sustainable Farming

A beautiful installation of Poker chillers performed by our distributor Climapac in Belgium. Below you will find the references and the article appear...

25 Mayo 2015 News


Here is the article about the conference in November 2014 on the LEED Certification, organized by our distributor Climapac (www.climapac.be) and publi...

18 Mayo 2015 News

EXPO 2015 Pavillion Zero

RHOSS has made the installation of three Z-Flow HE at the Pavilion Zero of Expo with Alpiq Milano. Machines installed are packaged water-cooled water...

11 Mayo 2015 News

Rhoss at Expo 2015

Rhoss has made the installation of two EXP Polyvalent systems to Cascina Triulza at Expo 2015. HERE ARE the reference with the technical details and t...

05 Mayo 2015 News


New Winpack installation at UNAC Cpy (France). Read the complete reference (CLICK HERE)

03 Abril 2015 News

New Rhoss Site

From 7 April 2015 the new website Rhoss is online. Modern, dynamic, mobile ready. Content always present due to the specific innovative update mode. H...

19 Marzo 2015 News

Athens - Sorvatziotis Technical seminar

Wednesday, March 18th from 16.30 to 20.00 was held in Athens a technical seminar with leading design firms in the area organized by our distributor So...

09 Febrero 2015 News

Riunione forza vendita italia

RIUNIONE FORZA VENDITA RHOSS ITALIA: “GIOCHIAMO IN CASA” Nei giorni 12 e 13 febbraio si terrà l’annuale riunione della Forza Vendita Italia. Nella spl...

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