05 Abril 2019 News



Few days ago JARN published an article focused on news about Rhoss & Nibe.
Following the text of the article:


Nibe Expands in Heating and AC Segments

Nibe Climate Solutions is a dominant player in the renewable residential heating and cooling market offering sustainable energy solutions through a broad range of heat pump and water heater applications.

Today, Nibe has a leading position in the renewable residential comfort market in both Europe and North America.

With ambitious plans for expansion in the heating and air-conditioning segments, Nibe is now moving into the commerciai HVAC market. With the Climate Control group and WaterFurnace in North America and the recent acquisition of Rhoss in Italy, Nibe is now well-positioned for growth in this segment.

"With our focus on sustainable solutions for indoor climate solutions, we are well equipped to
grow in this segment" says Klas Dahlberg, head of the Nibe Climate Solutions group. "Closing the deal with Rhoss to become the 100% owner, at the beginning of the year, was an important step in this direction. To develop our EMEA commerciail business further, we are happy to announce that Maurizio Marchesini has joined the Nibe group as the new managing director of Rhoss" continued Mr. Dahlberg.

"I am very happy and excited to be back in the HVAC business again. Having almost 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry through leading positions in a global business environment comes in handy when taking on this new challenge. I am so excited. Understanding Nibe's vision and business philosophy made it easy for me to accept this position" said Mr. Marchesini.


Click the link to read the article on jarn journal: https://www.ejarn.com/detail.php?id=57170&l_id=


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