17 Septiembre 2019 News



NEXT AIR, with SKID platform, allow us to manage air flow of this company that provides medical products for large distribution; 18000m2 building surface (distributed over 2 floors). NextAir is our modular product focused on air traitment to satisfy every customers needs. Highly performing new generation structure, Energy efficiency of excellence, Range ErP 2018 Ready, Plug and play integrated intelligence, Exclusive solutions for Indoor Air Quality, these are some of the features where NextAir distinguish itself on market. Go to the reference: https://bit.ly/2kBhKGt

16 Octubre 2019 News

Your house will no longer be at the mercy of seasons. ELETCA ECO, the new range of air-water monoblock heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic ho...

08 Octubre 2019 News

Have you ever thought that museums need to have a special air conditioning? Into the building, the environment requires an HVAC with high performance...

27 Septiembre 2019 News

Few months ago we presented you our reference regarding the Veterinary Clinic San Marco. Now an important trade magazine also mentioned us in a in-dep...