30 November 2015 News

Rhoss R&D LAB

Rhoss R&D LAB

Rhoss R&D LAB: one of the biggest testing room in Europe for chilers and heat pumps up to 1500kW.

In order to produce products increasingly efficient, high performance and compatible with the most strict European energy laws, there’s the need to rely on sophisticated tools as "testing rooms" able to check systems reproducing even the most difficult situations which they might be work in.
Rhoss has different advanced laboratories, designed to test chillers and heat pumps able to integrate more and more with the environment which they are installed in.
The most important are the testing room for up to 60kw products, and the most sophisticated of all, the one for systems up to 1500kW.
The first is an intermediate chamber in which can be made all the tests required by the existing law and by Eurovent, the second one is the real highlight of Rhoss: it is one of the largest in Europe and one of only three in Europe in which can be tested chillers with a temperature lower than the environmental one.
Indeed, if testing systems with an air temperature higher than the external one is quite simple, it is absolutely difficult doing it with temperatures lower than the environmental one: it is necessary to have additional cooling units and an energy storage system cooling, so that it can be possible cooling the outside air before sending it in testing room.
Rhoss has a tank of 120,000 liters of glycol water to be kept at -15 ° C, in addition to a water chiller of 400 kW to produce this water.
The possibility to go below the environmental temperature is fundamental for tests at partial loads and for custom tests.
The producer role within the sustainable design is exactly that: being able e to ensure the total performance of high-quality and high energy efficiency systems.

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